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About Us


Our parent company P.H.U.Słodex Suchocka Wiesława has been in operation since 1990. With training we received in Great Britain at Steve Hopewell Holding Limited’s dealership (Toyota, Subaru and Suzuki) in 2007 P.H.U.Słodex Suchocka Wiesława expanded into S.M.A.R.T repairs .
As a result of this experience we opened a professional center in Poland to offer training in PDR Repair, S.M.A.R.T. Repair and Detailing. We are a distributor of Dent Magic Tools from the United States. They are the top producer of PDR tools.

We will collaborate with other companies to expand and/or improve your existing establishment as well as work with those who wish to enter this new trade.

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We are a Company which wants to satisfy all the needs of our clients. We offer advice, help in selecting individual tools for your needs and all necessary products to start your new activity or to expand and improve your existing work space.

List of products
1. PDR Tools- Paintless Dent Removal
We provide wide range of PDR tools and kits with interchangeable ends which PDR Technician can use to remove small dents and scratches without fillers or painting.

2. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment-
Alloy wheel refurbishment tools help remove/repair mechanical damages that arise after using cars. We adjust all tools and equipment to the individual needs of clients.

3. Glass Repair-
Specialized equipment and products allow a trained technician to repair bull’s-eyes, star breaks, cracks and repair scratches of windows without deformations after repair.

4. Interior Trim/Leather Repair-
Interior repair systems including specialized equipment and products allowing a trained technician to repair cigarette burns, mobile phone bracket holes, tears in leather seats and general deterioration of plastic parts within the vehicle during one visit in car workshop.

5. Paint Repair-
Paint Repair program includes specialized equipment and accessories that have been developed specifically for the S.M.A.R.T Repair. They enable a trained technician to repair scratches, scuffs and paints chips, restoring bumpers, panels and plastics to their original condition including textured finished bumpers.

To offer a high quality repair it is imperative that the technician has extensive knowledge with regard to all aspects of equipment, parts and accessories combined with essential spraying techniques.

6. Plastic Welding Repair-
As “repair and not replace” gathers traction within the SMART sector, the plastic repair market has developed exponentially during the last 3 years.

Professional plastic repair equipment and tools is vast and enables a trained technician to repair splits, holes and general bumper damage in a fast and efficient manner thus allowing a damaged part be repaired instead of being replaced.

7. Products and PDR Accessories-
Our assortment of PDR repair products let skilled technician repair all kinds of PDR problems.

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Training and practice


Because of our experience we created a professional training center of PDR Repair – (Paintless Dent Removal), S.M.A.R.T Repair sector and advanced Detailing of cars. We are distributors of the top producer of PDR tools from the United States, Dent Magic Tools.
Our trainings are done, at a fully equipped Training Center.


To complement our extensive range of training programs, we offer a flexible approach with regard to customer specific training and have created programs that are built to the individual customer requirements. We are also able to offer this program in many different languages)
We will collaborate with other companies to expand and/or improve your existing establishment as well as work with those who wish to enter this new trade.

PDR CENTRUM offers trainings:

1. Paintless Dent Removal:
Dent Removal
Glue Pulling Techniques

2. Alloy Wheel Repair:
Wheel Repairs by hand

3. Glass Repair:
Star Breaks
Combination Chips
Small Cracks

4. Interior Repair:
Trim Repair
Leather Repair
Fabric Repair
Leather Restoration- Fenice

5. Paint Repair:
Color Coded Repairs
Textured Repairs

6. Plastic Repair:
Hot weld (staple kit/welding rods)
Cold weld (chemical bonding)

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Business start

Our mission is dedicated to Companies from all around the world, in search of new solutions dedicated to the automotive branch.
We provide professional services and technical training by experienced team of Smart Repair technicians and Auto detailing at every stage of development to improve your business.

We provide:
1. Professional training of all range of S.M.A.R.T. Repair and Auto detailing
2. Products of the highest quality
3. Technical support
4. Marketing support

We are open to and welcome new business partnerships.

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P.H.U. Słodex Suchocka Wiesława
ul. Duńska 20
Cell phone 795 795 922
Cell phone 609 093 940

Please meet with us.

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